Queen Bee Breeders


API Holdings is known as one of the top queen bee breeders and bee apiary in the United States.  API is passionate and dedicated about their work with honey bees, and the promotion of beekeeping.  We have over 20 years of beekeeping and bee pollination knowledge to rely upon.  API Holdings wants to protect the bee population from colony collapse that is happening in the world today, and promote friendly beekeeping activities for an entire new generation of beekeepers.


queen bee breeders API Holdings Atwater CaliforniaAPI Holdings LLC is a Partnership of Family & Friends.

Keeping honey bees as a hobby or to help “Mother Earth” is a family activity that is growing in popularity.  People all over the world are becoming passionate about beekeeping.  Performing beekeeping as an activity provides people an enjoyable, and productive diversion from their daily lives.  For many, their diversion is golf, shopping, hunting or fishing, but an increasing number of everyday people have discovered the enjoyment of beekeeping.  API believes beekeeping is a family activity that everyone could do together.  At one point in time, every American household had at least one colony of bees for supplying the family with sugar and wax, and as well for medical purposes.  Perhaps in today’s fast-paced society, we need to slow down a bit. One way to consider is to cultivate a bee colony of your own.  You may find that beekeeping acts as a relaxing tool, a productive way of connecting with each other more, or perhaps as a way of enjoying the treasures of natural honey.  A gift of sweet honey from your beehive is a precious thing.  API wants to share this fun activity with everyone, and is the primary mission of the company.


bee apiary operation API HoldingsAPI Holdings Knows Queen Bees and the Bee Apiary Business.

API Holdings LLC of Atwater, California was founded by Jerry Sullivan in 1972. Odd as it may seem, Jerry at the time was an Industrial Technology Instructor at Atwater High School but had side-line plans in the bee apiary business.  His plans started with just a few bee colonies after his son Shad developed an interest in beekeeping while he worked for a commercial beekeeper.  In May of 1992 Jerry and Shad turned their beekeeping operation  into an bee apiary and pollination services business.  They wanted to provide bee pollination services, and sell to the normal beekeeper quality queen bees. This new business direction involved acquiring a fleet of trucks, new beekeeping equipment, and thousands of quality bee colonies for crop pollination. From then to the current day the business delivers a fast, reliable, and timely professional service to a large spectrum of California growers, and will continue to be the best queen bee breeders, and provide bee pollination services well into the future.


APICARE™ Protecting Your Honey Bees, One Beehive at a Time.

APICARE™ bee protection was created after extensive research into the ways honey bees can decline in health and eventual develop bee colony collapse.  The objective was to utilized natural ingredients to prevent bee viral infections and bacterial infestations within honey beehives.  APICARE™ unique blend of natural ingredients stops bee diseases from spreading.  We are seeing great results from professional beekeepers from all across the country.  These results are steadily showing results that our product is capable of taking on many of the viral and bacterial infections facing the honey bee.  APICARE™ will protect your honey bee, beehive, and bee colony.


quality queen bees from queen bee breedersAPI Provides Quality Queen Bees for Your Honey Beehives.

API Holdings LLC has the best bred queen bees for crop pollination, honey production, or the beekeeper enthusiast.  Relying on years of bee pollination experience and queen breeding we provide quality queen bees to our clients that other queen bee breeders can not.  We offer Italian Hygienic, Cordovan, and Carniolan breeds of mated queen bees.  Check our Queen Bee Availability Calendar for shipment dates.  Minimum order of 5 total queens per order.  Discounts on larger orders.  Thank you.