APICARE™ helps in the scavenging of nutrients and minerals, and aiding in the honey bees nutritional well-being.  This increases the honey beehives chances of producing quality jellies for the colony while preventing premature role change within the colony (Becoming early forages).  APICARE™ protects the bees from harmful beehive viruses, bee colony bacterial infestations, and bee parasite diseases which can cause bee colony collapse.  Honey bees are ingesting everything they come in contact with from their pollination activities, and their surrounding atmosphere which has more pesticides, and harmful  bee diseases.  It is harder for the honey bees to find the beneficial microbes in their diet.  These microbes increases their nutrient transport containing the beneficial carbons helping the bees digest food, and produce needed nutrients to keep them healthy.  Apply APICARE™ to all your beehives and join us in helping honey bees, and their bee colony get the protection they deserve from harmful pesticides and diseases.


bee colony collapse protection using APICARE

How does APICARE™ Stop Viral Infestations from Spreading in Beehives?

APICARE™ provides bee virus protection for your honey bees and bee colony by forming a protective layer over the receptor cells of the bees tissue. This layer will no longer allow the communication points of a virus from replicating. This protective layer will stop the virus from interacting with the healthy tissue of the bee.  APICARE™ protects the honey bees from viral reproduction within their tissue which causes the bees health issues, honey production loss, and eventually bee colony collapse. APICARE™ will not heal the viral infected tissue, but will prevent more viral infestation being formed. Use our APICARE™ Clear Summer product for summer clear of viral and bacterial infestations in your beehives.


black queen cell virus protection against bee diseases

Prevent Black Queen Cell Virus in Your Honey Bee Colony.

Bee viruses are a hidden threat within any beehive or bee colony. To actual visually see any of the initial viral symptoms is not a method that should be employed or waited for it to develop into an full infestation. Use APICARE™ to protect your beehive from viruses year round. APICARE™ was first used to stop BQC (black queen cell) virus in a bee colony, and it was a huge success completely eliminating any signs or symptoms of the black queen cell virus, and eventually brought the bee colony back to health. Viruses are only seen when they are in such high numbers that it is hard to protect bee colony that is already suffering from a bee viral outbreak. Once the viruses are seen they will start dwindling numbers of healthy bees, it will slowly start draining the health the beehive of its internal strength causing bee colony collapse. APICARE™ was designed to specifically stop the bee viral infestation processes from happening in the first place.


Stop Bacterial and Fungal Diseases in Your Bee Colony.

APICARE™ helps combat the spread of many types of bacterial and fungal diseases in your beehives and bee colony.  Our product stops the spread of the two most common beehive diseases.  The product stops bee bacterial disease Foulbrood, and stops Ascophaera Apis or otherwise known as the bee fungal disease Chalkbrood from spreading.

stop nosema parasite disease in honey beehivesNosema is a bee parasite disease that is very difficult to eliminate, and is shown to sap the energy right out of a beehive, this is done by when the spores of Nosema enter into their vegetative state or from their functional form.  They will insert themselves into the stomach tissue of the honey bee, and will hijack the bee’s main energy factories otherwise know as Mitochondria.  This bee parasite disease will slowly drain the life from the bee, and spread the parasite infections to other bees which results in eventual bee colony collapse.  APICARE™ stops the parasites in two different processes.  First the protective layer formed by our product, makes it more difficult for the bee parasite spores to develop and reproduce.  Second is the stimulation and inclusion of healthy anti-fungal bacteria into the bee’s stomach. APICARE™ contains species of bacteria that are known bee fungal disease protectors.  The product will help stop bee parasite diseases by eliminating over sporulation process which will lead to unhealthy beehive and bee colony collapse.


bee colony collapse protection for honey beesProtect Against Bee Colony Collapse with APICARE™.

There are a few more benefits to APICARE™ in stopping bee colony collapse.  APICARE™ is able to pull unhealthy materials and substances out of the honeybees ecosystem that would cause harm to the honey bees such as pesticides and other harmful residues.  It does this by a process know as chelation which it can safely remove the harmful substance(s) without damaging healthy bee tissue.