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APICARE™ Summer Gold


APICARE™ Summer Gold

APICARE™ Clear Summer Gold Syrup Mix 2.5 Gallon Container

This product was designed to be used during times that are close to the honey flow, reason being is that the other product is very dark in color and can cause a shift in color for the lighter colored honeys, this produce offers the same protection as Apicare, it will help prevent viral infections, aid in the disruption of invasive bacteria and fungi, while at the same time promote digestion and adsorption of nutrients,  Apicare Summer Gold also contains trace amounts of essential amino acids that help stimulate the bees immune system and fat body production in the bees leading to a healthier and longer lived bee better suited to take on the challenges that a modern colony faces today.

Application of Apicare Summer Gold Syrup additive
1. Add silver packets and small bag of powder into solution one day of 15 minutes prior to use
2. Mix in full container of contents into 250 gallons of syrup, mix thoroughly, there will be no color change to indicate homogenous solution so make sure to mix THOROUGHLY.
3. Feed normal feeding program, best results from feeding product with every feed, minimum of at least one gallon a month
Weight 23.5 lbs

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