Bee Pollination Services

API Holdings bee pollination services provide crop pollination in the western United States, and sells commercial beehives.  API has the bee experts to provide you with professional pollination service that your field crops need to produce high yield crop quantities.  API has 20 plus years in the bee pollinating industry, and is a quality queen bee breeder with technical beekeeping innovations that other bee pollinating companies do not have available.  We sell commercial beehives with pollinating bees for your own pollination ventures.


bee pollination services united statesWhy Use Our Corporation for Your Bee Pollination Services?

1. We offer quality bee pollination services with special knowledge of bee box placement to yield the highest possible percentage of pollination for field crops.
2. We have POLLINATING BEES not workers.  Our bees sole purpose is pollination not making honey.
3. We have newer beekeeping equipment including a patented universal bee box that helps for faster bee box delivery, and removal from your crop pollination fields.
4. We use a bobcats to place bee boxes on pallets for easy field placement without disrupting your crops.
5. We sell commercial beehives with pollinating bees.


best bee pollination services united states api holdingsWhy Use API Holdings for Your Farm Crops and Seed Pollination?

California ranks 1st in the USA in the production of 48 different agricultural crops that need pollination bees to pollinate the field crop or seed.  In return California produces ~75% of all vegetable and flower seed crops that require honey bee pollination.  Honey bees will provide a more uniform pollination distribution throughout your targeted crop pollination field, and your crops will tend to lead to larger yields.  We have many years of experience performing bee pollination for crops and seed.  Call API Holdings to find out more about our professional service or commercial beehives.


Do you need buy commercial beehives for your own bee pollination?

API Holdings offers complete commercial beehives with workers, 6-8 frames, bee box, and queen bee.  You can provide bee pollination for your crops, or make natural honey as an added benefit.  Minimum order quantity is 100 beehives.  Please call us for more details.

crop pollination services from API Holdings